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Text Box: sold تم بيعه خلاص
Text Box: sold تم بيعه خلاص
Text Box: sold تم بيعه خلاص

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حاليا متاح للبيع

Radiator Grill & Shroud Fair - Small dent in grill, grill shroud has a few dents Pre-Cleaner Bowl Poor - Both bowls have chunks cracked out, wing nut on inside precleaner cover is stripped
Eng. Enclose Hood / Stack Good Cab or Canopy Fair - Has a couple small dents on the side, front flashing below the window is bent up
Fenders Fair - Mud flaps and flairs are a bit torn up Steps / Ladder Poor - Cat walk to cab is loose and flops around, right ladder bent, right hanging step broken
Fuel Tank Fair - Has a cap with a fast fill adapter, cover for fill port is torn Grab Irons Poor - Left front grab iron is broken and loose, flops around, right grab iron is bent way in
Crankcase Guard / Battery Box Fair - Battery access door latch missing, bolts missing in crankcase guard, guard pushed up a little Paint Poor - Faded, lots of rust all over
Main Frame Welds Fair - Rear hydraulic tank mount cracked off of frame and was welded back on, unsure if cracking again Hood Good
Differential Supports Good Sheet Metal Poor - Left front sheet metal is starting to rust through, right front is dented and full of bondo
Bumper Fair - Several dents
S.O.S. Taken No
Notes Grab iron on left front corner of cab is bent up
Safety Decals In Place No ROPS Yes
Safety Decals Legible No
Horn Poor - Does not work
Dash Console Poor - Side cover to shifter contorl console is missing Seat Cushion / Arm Rest Poor - Bottom cushion of seat ripped up, seat suspension is broken, has a wheel chock holding up the seat
Gauges Poor - The only gauges that work are the air pressure gauge and the tachometer Floor Boards Fair - Floor mat worn through near the edge
Switches Fair - some damaged switches EMS Panel / Warnings Poor - None of the warning lights come on at start up or with the test switch
Windshield Wipers Poor - Does not work, switch broken, no blade Door Latches Fair - Right door held closed with rope, left door latch handels loose
Heater Fair - Smells like a mouce nest when the heater runs Glass/Mirrors Poor - Main door window has been replaced with plexy glass, left rear window has several cracks
Interior Lights Poor - Light assembly missing Seat Belt Poor - Very old needs replaced
Current Parts Manual No ROPS Certification Plate Yes
Current Safety Manual No Back Up Alarm No - Does not work
Current O&MM No
Notes Arm rest on door is a ball of duct tape, which is falling off
Hour Meter Reads 18086, appears as if it has been replaced at one point
Oil Leaks Yes - Right side of engine is covered in oil, oil all around starter on the left side Water in Oil No
Blow By Yes - Normal, very little Fluid Levels OK? No - Hydraulic oil is low
Knocking No EPA Decal No
Compression in Radiator No
Anti-Freeze Color Green/ red mixed Smoke (B/D/L/W) Has light gray smoke all the time, smokes more when cold, heavy black smoke when accelerating
Oil Pressure (H/L/N) Unsure, no gauge or indecator light Notes The top cap is missing off of the dip stick, dip stick tube cracked off below the top mount
Operating Condition Fair - Needs a shot of ether to start in cold weather Air Cleaners Poor - Primary filters are missing, filter housings are bent up a little
Turbocharger / Blower Good Exhaust / Muffler Good
Fuel Injection System Good Belts / Pulleys Fair - Alternator belt is loose and has chunks missing
Governor Fair - Governor control pedal in the cab leaks air
Radiator Fair - The cap mounting stud in the filler neck cracked off Water Pump Good
Coolers Good Fan Good
Hoses Fair - Hoses are getting hard and brittle Fan Drive Good
Notes Coolant running down fuel hoses, unsure of source
Leaks Yes - Water pump to thermostat housing flange has been siliconed together, leaks a little coolant
Batteries / Cables Good Wiring Poor - Wires under dash
Starter Fair - Occasionally wont engage the ring gear Lighting Poor - Only two front head lights work
Alternator Good - Appears to have been recently replaced
Block Heater Yes
Transmission - Type Good - Automatic Lines / Fittings Good
Case Good Pump Good
Controls Fair - Knob missing off of control lever, side cover of the shift lever console missing Transmission - Forward Shifts Fair - Machine will not upshift unless it is gaining speed going down a hill
Seals Poor - Transmission coverd in oil Transmission - Reverse Shifts Good
Torque Converter Good Operating Condition Fair - Drive train makes a clunking noise at times, unsure where
Retarder Poor - Control lever disconnected Cooler Good
Transmission - Noisy Yes - Clunks Leaks Yes - Area around transmission is covered in oil due to leaking transmission, hydrauilc pump and engine
Suspension Cylinders Poor - Left front cylinder is bottomed out, right front is very low Tie Rods / Rod Ends Good
Steering Tank Fair - tank is covered in oil Steering Valves / Pumps Fair - Steering wheel has almost 45 degrees of play in it
Type (Pedal, Lever) Fair - Pedal Control Valve Fair - Pedal feels soft, goes to floor when braking moderaly hard
Type (Wet, Dry) Poor - Dry, front brakes do not work Lines Good
Brake Drums / Rotors Fair - Rotors front, drums rear Compressor Fair - Machine is slow to build air pressure, maxes out at 85 psi, looses air when brakes used too much
Pump Good Parking Brake Fair - Control valve hangs from hoses
Notes The air dryer is broken, tries to spit, but it ends up sticking open some times
Holding What Gear? Brakes feel weak
Operating Condition Good Tank Fair - Seeps oil from around filter housings
Lift Cylinders Good Pump Poor - Pump is leaking a lot, makes small puddles on the ground after sitting just a minute
Hydraulic Hoses Fair - One hose flange on the pump likely damaged, has a very large washer holding it on Hoses / Lines Fair - Hard, brittle
Leaks Yes - Bad leak at the pump
Overhang Fair - Dented Rock Kickers / Flaps Fair - Torn
Side and Side Boards Fair - Dented Bottom Poor - Bottom beat down between all the stringers, has a hole in the floor near the back center
Ribs and Stringers Good Bed Liner Fair - Appears owner welded on a bunch of wear strips, strips are comming off
Hinge Pins & Brackets Fair - Pin flag is broken off on the right pin, has a home made pin retainer plate Pads Fair - Rubber missing off of front right pad
Heated Body No
Wheel Lugs & Rims Good Rear Final Drives Poor - The fill plug is broken off in the right final cover, plug leaks
Rear Axle Fair - Gear oil in the differential is in poor condition Differential Good
Make / Serial# Tread Depth in 1/32'' % Life Remaining Recapped Tread Cuts/Chunks Side Cuts Section
Left Front MRF 20 40 No Yes Yes
Left Rear Michelin No Yes Yes
Left Rear Inside BKT 16 30 No Yes Yes
Right Front MRF 20 40 No Yes Yes
Right Rear BKT 32 50 No Yes Yes
Right Rear Inside BKT 32 50 No Yes Yes
Tire Size 18.00-33, left outside Michelin is a radial
Average Life Remaining Life remaining is a visual estimation only
Notes The left outside Michelin is full of cracks and has no tread left
Spare No