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Eng. Elmotayam El-Sheikh, CEO



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How to Reach Us Anytime



Tel-US: 0019192159933
Fax-US: 0019198219119
Tel-Egypt: 0109098190



We pride our selves to provide you the ability of buying  equipment from USA without a sponsor and less expensive.

, we could supply you with good used and  aftermarket parts that has  superior American quality arriving at your door .



thanks for your business





بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم و الصلاه و السلام على اشرف المرسلين
In the name of God, most Merciful, most Gracious

Company Name:Al Moutaim ElSheikh International �Export Import of  heavy construction and earth moving equipment.

  • CEO: Mr. Al Moutaim Abdel Karim ElSheikh

  •  President of the Americas offices: Mr. Tarek ElSheikh.

  •  representative : Mr. Wael ElSheikh.

     Executive Summary:

Ø      One of the largest import/export companies in North American. (USED , AFTERMARKET AND SURPLUS)

Ø      Leader in exporting all types of heavy construction and earth moving equipment from America to the world .

Ø      Leader in streamlining and supply chaining.

 Has the ability to provide super fast shipping using international flights 24/7

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